Tax returns and tax planning

Tax Returns

If you are self-employed or regularly in receipt of untaxed income such as rents and/ or dividends, then you may have an annual obligation to file a self assessment tax return.  For others, selling an investment or exercising share options may mean you must file a tax return.   Or perhaps your tax affairs are complex, you may have multiple sources of taxable income, capital gains or perhaps you are a foreign national or have overseas interests that have a UK tax relevance?

Regardless of whether you are an individual, in partnership, the trustee of a trust or the executor of an estate, we can help.  Our team of Chartered Tax Advisers is here to assist you and to reduce the annual tax return burden. We will ensure that you are properly registered with HMRC, that your tax return is prepared properly from the information supplied and that it is filed on time to avoid the imposition of tax penalties.

We seek to ensure you make use of available tax allowances and exemptions and calculate your tax position on your behalf.  You’ll know well in advance of the tax payment deadline what your tax position is, how to pay or whether to expect a tax refund.  We’re used to dealing with HMRC and deal with them directly on your behalf as necessary.

Tax Planning

Tax touches many aspects of our lives, whether you are in business, have investments, have overseas interests or are simply buying goods or services.  Each has a financial impact so it is important that you only pay the right amount of tax. That means not paying more or less tax than the law requires.

Tax law in the UK has evolved over hundreds of years and it is now very technical and complicated. It also is subject to change every year following the Chancellor’s Budget. Keeping up to date with tax legislation is vital and experience is just as important. Knowing how to structure a business correctly from the outset is important and planning for a tax-efficient business exit is vital. Understanding how to hold property and investments can create significant tax savings and knowing how to make use of tax allowances and exemptions can be useful in mitigating tax liabilities.

Expert knowledge of tax law combined with years of practical experience is vital in providing solid tax planning advice. This advice can apply to individuals, businesses, trusts and estates. It is also vital to balance tax planning with commercial considerations too and our team of experienced Chartered Tax Advisers have many years of experience to guide you in order to find the optimal tax outcome available in your circumstances. We provide peace of mind in a complex tax world.

"I've been looked after by Craufurd Hale (Hale & Co) and specifically Mr Sean Egan for over 15 years‎. In that time they have attended to my every need, both in accounting, and more recently additional financial planning.

They are reputable and efficient and also friendly in the way they do business and I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for an accountancy firm that you can trust to do everything to the letter of the law whilst doing their utmost to ensure your tax affairs operate in the most efficient way possible. Sean has more than paid for himself over the last decade".

Mr J Mowlem, JPM Sport Ltd

Truly exceptional work as always.

Sean – you have a fantastic team and I am chuffed to be a client. Thank you.

Mr W Greenwood, Palatinate Promotions Ltd,
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