Tax Investigations

A tax enquiry can be a very stressful and time consuming affair. It can run on for many months or even years and it can become very costly. It is vital therefore that you have the reassurance of an experienced & specialist tax adviser to help guide you through the process.

You may question why you have been selected by HMRC. The enquiry may relate to your business or personal tax affairs and it can be prompted by any number of reasons.   Having complex business or personal tax affairs, failing to file a tax return on time or simple bad luck might prompt an enquiry. The enquiry might simply be a random check, nevertheless, it may cause a great deal of worry and inconvenience.

Regardless of the reason for the enquiry, it is vital that it is handled in a timely and cooperative manner. Simply ignoring HMRC will almost certainly only compound matters, not least because how you behave in a tax enquiry has a direct bearing on the level of penalties that HMRC can apply if it is proved that you haven’t paid the right amount of tax.   We deal directly with HMRC to minimise the stress of the enquiry and negotiate with them on your behalf.

It is vital to understand that HMRC have a wide array of powers at their disposal when conducting a tax enquiry. However, their powers must be exercised correctly and our team will ensure that your interests are protected in accordance with the law. We understand HMRC’s powers and also understand that cooperating with HMRC to provide the information and explanations they require in a timely fashion is vital to achieve the best outcome for our client.

Our team of specialist tax advisers have a great deal of experience of tax enquiries across a diverse range of clients. We have worked with Clients to quickly close down investigations where the information used by HMRC to prompt an investigation has been proved to be incorrect. Conversely, we have worked with individuals and businesses who have failed to declare such matters as rental profits, capital gains, offshore income and VAT liabilities. We have also represented Clients at meetings with HMRC and have negotiated contract settlements and penalties to get the optimal outcome for our clients.

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